Order’s Up… You’ve Been Served


When you’re a content creator and you regularly put stuff out there in the open (aka online) you have to be really careful what you say, post, or refer to on a regular basis. Even some of the most careful bloggers and creators get caught up in a legal suit sometimes because there is always someone out there looking for a copyrighted image, sound, video, or an offensive piece of work that has been posted.

Sharing is Caring… but Not Always

Marketing blogger Chris Moody shares tips and tricks relating to social media and marketing, and occasionally shares family stories to relate with his audience as well. He found out he was being sued over one of his blog posts… and it left him stunned. He is a blogger who teaches other people how to operate the social sphere and how to avoid things like this from happening and he still found himself being served legal papers.

It turns out that Moody wrote a post on his blog and shared a video from a local news outlet. He said something relating to the technology in the blog post and left it at that. Some time later, when he found out he was being sued, he discovered that the person who was featured in that video did not like how he or she was portrayed by the news outlet, and as a result decided to sue everyone involved with the news story (yes, that includes our friend Chris Moody– since he shared the video on his blog). Even though Moody didn’t comment anything about the person in the video, the shear fact that he shared it was subject for legal action.

What could he have done differently? Well, you could say “don’t share videos or photos on your blog!” but that makes the reading experience far less enjoyable. However, Moody even says himself that bloggers need to increase the buffers they have before posting things online. He says it’s important to be wary of posting things that may damage anyone’s information– just to be safe. Basically just be super careful of what you post online because it may come back to bite you before you know it.

Picture Perfect… Almost

A blogger by the name of Roni Loren is an author, photographer, and lifestyle poster. She got in some legal trouble for using a picture on her blog that was not her own, and was asked to take it down by the original photographer. She quickly removed the picture, but the photographer also demanded compensation for the use of the picture. Loren knew this was money she didn’t have, and she even got lawyers involved to deal with the situation.

Loren did have to end up paying money to the photographer for using the photo, and she then became so much more aware of what images she had attached to her posts. She went through and took down all the photos that were not her own and replaced them with other ones that she did have the rights to.

What could she have done differently? She could have used her own photo to begin with or gotten permission from the photographer to use the picture beforehand. The fact of the matter is, it is so easy to just pull a picture off of Google and use it, not worrying about the repercussions, but getting involved in legal trouble over something as simple as that is a very real thing. Loren urged her readers to think before they post and to always think before posting something that isn’t their own– because they could be in danger of falling under a copyright lawsuit.

Overall, just think before you post– please don’t steal, friends!


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